Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Native American Reservations and Military Areas

Please be aware of the following restrictions that apply in the Dakotas and Nebraska.

Native American Reservations:Native American Reservations are now considered private property and require permission to place a cache. To place a cache in a Reservation park or other location please contact the Reservation, obtain permission, and state that permission has been granted on the cache page.

Military Areas: Military areas, including military housing or parks on land owned by the military are considered private property. To place a cache in miltary housing or parks that are on military owned land, please seek permission from the officials governing the area. In some cases area online maps are out of date and the area is no longer military owned. The area might also actually be managed by the city. If this is the case please let me know in a reviewer note. Caches on Military bases will not be allowed without specific written permission and assurances that cache seekers will be allowed to seek the cache.

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