Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nebraska Park Polices Pertaining to Geocaching

The following is a list of park policies in Nebraska with contact/website information

State Parks, Recreation Areas and Wildlife Management Areas: The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission requires a free special use permit for geocaches placed in State Parks or Recreation Areas. No caches are allowed in State Historical Areas. Wildlife Management Areas do not require a permit. To obtain a permit, call the Game and Parks office and obtain the name for the park Superintendent. They should be able to send you the forms for the permit. When you obtain a permit and submit the cache, please state on the cache page that a permit was obtained and that a park pass is required to enter the area. Link for the full Game and Parks Policy

Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (LPSNRD): LPSNRD owns properties in and around the Lincoln area. This includes several rural lakes and the Mopac East bike trail. They require a free permit for caches. The permit forms are available and can be submitted online. When you obtain a permit and submit the cache please state that you have a permit on the cache page. Link to the LPSNRD full policy and forms

Papio Natural Resources District: The Papio NRD owns properties in and around the Omaha area, including Wherspan Lake and various bike trails. They have implimented a policy the same as the LPSNRD policy. The Papio NRD has the permit forms available for submission online. To see the full policy and a link to the permit form, click the link below then click or mouse over the link for "recreation and wildlife" on the left hand side of the page. Papio NRD Home Page

Lower Platte North Natural Resources District: The Lower Platte North NRD recently implimented a policy similar to those of the other listed NRDs. They are allowing caches at Czechland Lake and Homestead Lake with a permit. Permits are free and can be obtained online. Lower Platte North geocaching policy

Lincoln Parks and Recreation Policy: Lincoln Parks and Recreation have published guidelines for caching. They do not require a permit, but caches are not allowed in the Pioneers Park Nature Center, Sunken Gardens, or Antelope Park Rose Garden. They have said that they might re-think the Nature Center ban and asked that current owners of caches there contact them. Lincoln Parks and Recreation Guidelines

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