Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cache Listing Tips

Here are some general cache listing tips. It is by no means exhaustive, but it can be a good starter checklist.

Before you submit a cache, read this page and the cache listing guidelines and ask yourself:

(1) Is the cache or stages of a multi more than .1 mile (528 feet) from another cache? Physical caches or physical stages of a multi must meet this without very good reason for an exception. If there is a reason, add it into a reviewer note.

(2) Is the cache on a railroad right of way? A cache cannot be listed there.

(3) Is the cache on a rails to trails area that might still show on maps as rail tracks? If so, please include that information in a reviewer note.

(4) Are there knives, fireworks, matches, lighters, or non-family friendly items in the cache? A cache cannot be listed with those types of items.

(5) Is the cache in a permitted area? If you have a permit or permission for private property, state so on the cache page. If a preschool, or elementary through high school, please include specific permission with contact information for the person giving permission in a reviewer note and state that there is permission on the cache page.

(6) Does the cache have a container and a log book? Both are required and the site no longer lists virtual or locationless caches.

(7) If the cache is in a cemetery did you get permission if it is private? If public, is it placed away from grave sites and was respect for the area mentioned on the page?

(8) If the submitted cache is a multi or puzzle cache did you include the coordinates for all stages and the final cache using the additional waypoint feature? Those are necessary to check the cache for listing.

(9) Did you provide any information that might be necessary for listing on the cache page or in a reviewer note?

(10) Did you tell the reviewer how great she or he is in a reviewer note? OK... you can skip this one. We just threw it in for fun and to get 10 items on the list. :)

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